HTML Snippets

Dynamically Load Content Without AJAX - Load content into a div without using AJAX or JQuery.

Get Map Directions on Google Maps - Get directions using Google maps. The starting location is input by the user, the ending location is a static address.

Basic HTML Template - This is the code for a basic HTML template to get a webpage started from scratch.

Open Two Pages With One Link - Opens two pages at the same time. One link click opens a new link in a new tab, while also opening the current page to a new page.

Open URL Using Button in Same or New Window - Opens a URL in either the same window or a new window.

Indent HTML text Multiple Levels - Indent HTML text multiple times or levels. Indent within indent as often as you want.

Dynamically Resize a DIV or Other HTML Element - Resize a div or any other HTML element using grips similar to a textarea.

Data Image Used as a Placeholder for Spacing - Use a transparent data-image as a placeholder for spacing, or for an overlay link or any other purpose. Loads with the page, not the server so it's fast and efficient.