Find if Item Exists in 2-Dimentional Javascript Array

Example 1 returns true if an element exists in a 2d array, otherwise false

Example 2 returns the 2d array index i.e. [row, col] if found, otherwise false

Problem: indexOf() doesn't work for 2-d Javascript arrays. Here's the one-liner solution.

There are a lot of solutions out there that loop through a 2d array but that's not necessary. Just flatten the array then use indexOf().

The following function converts the 2d array into a single-dimention array, then tests if an item is in it using indexOf(), in one line...

Example 1, returns true or false:

function indexOf2d(array2d, itemtofind) {
    return [].concat.apply([], ([].concat.apply([], array2d))).indexOf(itemtofind) !== -1;

Given this example 2d array:

array2d = [
    ["Yes", "sir", "that's", "my",   "baby",],
    ["No",  "sir", "don't",  "mean", "maybe"]

Concat (or flatten) the 2d array to become a single dimentional array:

[].concat.apply([], ([].concat.apply([], array2d))) // flattens the 2d array

The 2d array becomes a single dimention array:

["Yes", "sir", "that's", "my", "baby", "No", "sir", "don't", "mean", "maybe"]

Once you have a single dimentioned array you can use indexOf()

[].concat.apply([], ([].concat.apply([], array2d))).indexOf(itemtofind) !== -1;

indexOf2d(array2d, "boy") // returns -1 or false
indexOf2d(array2d, "baby") // returns 4 or true
​indexOf2d(array2d, "No") // returns 5 or true

Example 2, returns the row and column:

The following function returns the 2d array index, i.e. [row, col] of the location of the found item. The process is similar to above but additionally calculates and returns the row and column, or false if not found.

function indexOf2dArray(array2d, itemtofind) {
    index = [].concat.apply([], ([].concat.apply([], array2d))).indexOf(itemtofind);
    // return "false" if the item is not found
    if (index === -1) { return false; }
    // Use any row to get the rows' array length
    // Note, this assumes the rows are arrays of the same length
    numColumns = array2d[0].length;
    // row = the index in the 1d array divided by the row length (number of columns)
    row = parseInt(index / numColumns);
    // col = index modulus the number of columns
    col = index % numColumns;
    return [row, col]; 

indexOf2dArray(array2d, "boy") // returns -1 or false
indexOf2dArray(array2d, "baby") // returns [0, 4] 
​indexOf2dArray(array2d, "No") // returns [1, 0]


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